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A Tick Testing and Approval for all Consumer Products

Austest Laboratories offers the most comprehensive and publicly available environmental, EMC and electrical product testing facilities in Australia and New Zealand assisting manufacturers and importers.

Our services include

  • Electrical Safety testing
  • EMC testing
  • Environmental testing
  • MEPS testing
  • Approvals & Certification

Electrical safety

  • Information Technology & Telecommunications Equipment.
  • Household Electrical Items.
  • Lighting Products.
  • Power Supplies (All Types)
  • Electric Power Tools.
  • Home Electronics
  • Mining Equipment, Industrial Machines and Laboratory Equipment
  • Mains/Appliance Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Connectors and AC Adaptors
  • Mains Cables
  • Medical Devices
  • Grid Inverters
  • General Safety Standard AS/NZS 3100


  • Emission Testing
  • Immunity Testing
  • Wireless
  • EMC Directive (Europe)
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commision) USA

Environmental Testing

  • Mechanical testing
  • Climatic testing
  • Ingress protection (IP) testing
  • Accelerated aging
  • Acoustic testing

Telecommunication Testing

  • PSTN (Public Switched Telecommunications Network) Analogue products including cordless
  • xDSL including ADSL, S.HDSL and VDSL
  • Cordless equipment
  • Mobile equipment
  • Telecommunications Cable and Cabling Components

MEPS Testing

  • Performance testing
  • Power consumption testing
  • MEPS testing
  • VEET testing
  • IPART testing

Approvals & Certification

  • Safety Approval services in conjunction with ASA ( Australian Safety Approval )
  • RCM , A-Tick , C-Tick, ACMA Compliance Folders
  • Telepermit, NZ RSM C Tick
  • ACMA Certification Body
  • MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards)
Electrical Safety testing
A Tick testing and Approval
Environmental testing
MEPS testing
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